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Fleet 15 Newsletter: 05.22.09


Congratulations to Robbie Lowrance and the Bone Chillem team who won the Hospice Regatta and is leading in the Wednesday night series at Outrigger YC! We had five races during the Hospice Regatta and lots of wind on Sunday, above 20 knots! 


Now what are the next events on the calendar?


- May, 30 Spring Keel #4, Saturday only, starts at 1 PM

- June, 6 J Party and feast at My House, see attached invite.

- June, 13 Spring Keel #5, Saturday only, starts at 1PM

- July, 4-5 Independence Day Regatta:


This is a great weekend as the Club has $10,000 worth of fire works that they a blowing off.  Best show in town.  Bring the Kids, BBQ, swim and sail both days.  We our hoping that the J80s will Sail Around the Buoys and not on the PHRF course.  More on that at the June, 6 meeting and party.


Only 11 RSVPS for the Party so far. Will finalize the fall schedule at the Party.  Looking forward to seeing all.  Lets keep building our fleet !!!




Fleet 15 Newsletter: 08.25.08


We have a new owner in our Lake Norman fleet! Houck Reed of Raleigh NC has just purchased Mike Jones J/80 hull number 888. Houck is applying for membership in LNYC and will keep his boat in the water at the club. Houck sailed on both the Yale and Chicago University Sailing teams. Welcome Houck!


Wednesday Night OYC series; It's finally over. There where many close races between the J/80's and the Soverel 33. Alan Simonini and Robbie Lowrance sailied "Bone Chillin" to victory in Spinnaker Class A followed by the Soverel 33 and Raptor. The Soverel was beaten several times boat for boat by both Bone Chillin and Raptor! Those are big wins considering that the Soverel 33 owes the J/80's 33 seconds a mile! :-)


The next big events for the J/80's are:



30-31 Labor Day regatta LNYC



13 Fall keel #1 One Design LNYC

19-20 Peninsula Cup OYC

27 Fall Keel #2 LNYC



4 150 Bridge Run OYC

11 Fall Keel #3 LNYC

12 Pursuit Race OYC

18 Commodores Cup OYC

25 Fall #4, possible Kerry Klingler Seminar LNYC



1-2 Wilmer Cup OYC

8-9 Carolina Keel Boat One Design LNYC


January 2009

19-23 Key West Mid Winter Regatta

The following J/80's are planning on sailing in this major regatta

- Simonini/Lowrance Bone Chillin

- Brain O'Malley J Hawk

- Mike Brawley Surfin Safari

- Don Trask Raptor

- Possible, Dan Myers Hulu Girls


Looking forward to sailing with soon!


Don Trask, Fleet Capt.

J/80 Fleet #15


Fleet 15 Newsletter: 06.20.08


Below are snapshot highlights of our recent of J/80 activities Fleet 15:


The LNYC Ice Bucket Regatta was exciting. PHRF A was won by Richard Mayberry in his J/27.  Brain O’Malley in his J/80, J Hawk was third.


The LNYC Icicle Regatta was won by Team Raptor who won the series with three bullets! J/Hawk was fourth overall!


The J/80 fleet had great time at the LNYC Spring Keel Boat Regatta. Johnny Smith in Bone Chillin finished with a near perfect score of 1-2-1.  Raptor was finished second with a 3-3-2.  Dan Myers was third with 4-1-4 and Jason Blair was forth with 2-4-3!


There was a tight battle among two J/80s in the OYC X to C race. When the smoke cleared Brian O’Malley’s J Hawk finished second followed very close by George Schwab in Up Tick in third overall.


The first ever LNYC Spring Invitational series was won by Jason Blair in his J/80 #550, with an over-all series win of 1-2-4.  Team Raptor closed out the series in third.


On April 4-6 seven J/80’s with over nine skippers & crew made up for a very successful J/80 UK Seminar with Kerry Klingler, two time J/80 World Champion, three time National champion and a multi winner at Key West Race Week. Over 50 people attended the event!  Friday night started with 40 plus for dinner at Alan Simonini’s home with a lecture and slide show by Kerry Klingler of UK Sailmakers.  Kerry is a.  No wind on Saturday left room for lots of strategy and boat tune talk at the beach.  Saturday night was another dinner at Alan’s home with more talk and slides. Sunday was very exciting with a total of 7 J/80’s on a short starting line with tight racing! We fired off 6 starts and 6 short races. Voted most improved were Jason Blair and Brain O’Malley.  Brain was short handed and Kerry sailed with them and they were surly in the hunt.


On May 10, the LNYC J/24 fleet hosted race committee for a J/80 One Design tune-up. Don Trask, Brian O’Malley, and Jason Blair were all on hand for short quick starts and single/two lap short WL courses. Great training and great fun in an early morning breeze of about 7-8 knots!


Nine J/80’s had a close regatta at Charleston Race Week except the winner John Storck in Rumor who showed us the way with a big lead.  Don Trask in Raptor and Mike Jones sailing Outrageous were tied for a series fourth but Raptor won on a tie breaker.  Alan Simonini in Bone Chillin was sixth and J Hawk placed eight.  For Brain O’Malley and the J Hawk team, this was their first CRW but they showed no signs of beginners. They were the first to the weather mark in the fifth race but because of very shifty conditions could not hold their lead. Great sailing and we should all try to make this event next year! 


At the LNYC Spring Keel Boat Regatta Johnny Smith in Bone Chillin’ finished with a near perfect score of 1-2-1.  Raptor was not close for second with 3-3-2.  Dan Myers was third with 4-1-4 and Jason Blair was forth with 2-4-3.



Seven boats in class A at the LNYC Hospice Regatta . Huntin’ Tripp, a Tripp 26 was first with Raptor and Bone Chillin second and third, respectively.  J Hawk was sixth beating the Soverel 33!  The regatta raised $61,000 for this great cause.


 The OYC Wednesday Night Series was the usual hit! After seven races Chuck Lineberry in his Soverel 33 was leading the series but both Raptor and Bone Chillin’ are close on Lineberry’s transom.  Followed by Up Tick, J Hawk and the new J/80 on the lake, Surfin’ Safari, sailed by Mike Brawley and Partners!


Following this notice is our Summer to Fall racing schedule.  We now have eight J/80’s on Lake Norman!  LNYC is now in the process of considering installing a two ton hoist at the club with possible installation by mid-summer 2009.  Once installed, LNYC will be THE place on Lake Norman to sail J/80s!


Please start planning now to attend Key West Race Week January 19-23, 2009.  At this date Mike Jones, Brain O’Malley, Don Trask, Alan Simonini, and possible Mike Brawley and partners will all be sailing at KWRW.


We are contacting Kerry Klingler again to see if he can schedule another J/80 Seminar this Fall in time to get us tuned up for the Fall Keel Boat One Design Regatta and Key West Race Week.  More details to come soon!


Fleet 15 Newsletter: 05.14.08




Building off our J/80 Sailing Seminar back in April, on May 10 we facilitated yet another tune-up One Design session. Clay Cleeland, a J/24 sailor, volunteered to set our race course and run the event. Doing an excellent job, he set a short windward mark and we were able to get in 5 or so races - 2 WL one laps and 3 WL two laps races.


Raptor, USA #550, and J Hawk all attended the session, and just as before drastically improved boat handling and racing skills. With an extremely short line all of our starts were exciting and each race saw all three boats very, very close.


We're planning another event soon, so keep a look out for our next event!


Fleet 15 Newsletter: 04.09.08


Lake Norman’s J/80 Fleet 15 hosted a J/80 Sailing Seminar at Lake Norman Yacht Club on April 4th – 6th. The Seminar was conducted by Kerry Klingler, J/80 World Champion and three time National Class Champion.


The event started Friday evening with cocktails, dinner and then a slide show presentation at the Alan Simonini residence.  In attendance were ten skippers and crew totaling forty people.  The talk centered around crew positions  on the boat and Spinnaker handling. 


The seminar moved to Lake Norman YC Saturday with talks about rig tune, up wind sailing in light and heavy conditions.  All races were canceled  that afternoon.   The group moved back to Alan’s house Saturday night for  Pizza and more discussions regarding starting and up wind tactics.


Sunday morning  the conditions were perfect for seven practice starts and  seven short windward, leeward, finish races.  By the end of the day all the J/80  teams had significantly improved their boat handling skills and each race the fleet was mostly overlapped at every mark.


The U20 fleet acted as Race Committee setting the course managing the races. The J/80 fleet will act as their committee on April 26 staring at 10 AM. They then are returning the favor for us on May 10.  Be sure to mark May 10 on your calendar!  Racing will start at 10 AM and will stop at 1PM.  The forth Spring Invitational series race is scheduled to start at 1:55 PM that same day.  So let’s see all the J/80’s at both event May 10!


Next week four J/80's for the Lake are sailing in the Charleston Race week April,18,19 & 20.




The skippers attending CRW are Mike Jones, Brian O'Malley, Alan Simonini and Don Trask. Wish them lucky


and bring home some trophies






Fleet 15 Newsletter: 03.04.08





2008 J/80 Spring to Summer Sailing Schedule:



  8-9                                                                                  Mid-Winter Regatta, LNYC

  22                                                     Spring Invitational #1 , 2:00 PM Start, LNYC  



  5-6           Opening Day at LNYC, Spring Invitational # 2, 2:00 PM Start, LNYC

  17-20                                                                   Charleston Race weekend, CYC

  23                                                         First Wednesday night series starts, OYC

  26                                                       Spring Invitational # 3, 2:00 PM Start, LNYC

  30                                                                                                         2nd WNS, OYC



  3                                                                 Pursuit race, Channel maker # 2, OYC

  7                                                                                                             3rd WNS, OYC

  10                                                       Spring Invitational # 4, 2:00 PM Start, LNYC

  14                                                                                                          4th WNS, OYC

  21                                                                                                          5th WNS, OYC

  24-25                                                                                                Hospice Regatta

  28                                                                                                           6th WNS, OYC



  4                                                                                                             7th WNS, OYC

  11                                                                                                           8th WNS, OYC

  18                                                                                                           9th WNS, OYC

  21                                                Summer Solstice Regatta, 5:30 PM Start, LNYC 

  25                                                                                                         10th WNS, OYC


Above are all the important J/80 races for the first part of the year.  Make as many of these events as you can so that we will continue to build our J/80 Fleet and continue racing together! Welcome to Mike Brawley, he will be sailing with us soon!


Your Fleet 15, Fleet Captain,

Don Trask



Fleet 15 Newsletter: 01.28.08


Fleet activity is off and running here on Lake Norman as a J/80 won the first PHRF Icicle series race by 47 seconds.  Race two is February 9, race three is Feb. 23 and the last race is March 1.


Our next big event on Lake Norman is the LNYC Keelboat Mid Winters March 8-9. We’re welcoming all boats to this event! Free storage at LNYC for those boats bound for Charleston Race Week! The local Fleet members offer housing for those traveling in for the event/ We really hope to see you there. Go to for the NOR and registration.        


We are hoping for a few snow birds coming North from Key West will stop here in route to the Charleston Race Week, three day weekend. There or now five J/80’s registered for Charleston RW, but we need more to make this an excellent regatta!  This was a great regatta last year and the bay is an excellent race course.  You can launch your boat free at Charleston YC, raft up at the marina for free and stay at the Charleston Resort at a reduced rates. B&B’s are also very affordable.  Registration fee increases after January 31, so get your entry in ASAP.


There are three J/80’s from Lake Norman registered now for the Charleston race week.  We have Fourteen active J/80’s in Fleet 15 so I urge each one of you to make this Charleston event!


The next big event we’re planning is the UK Sails J/80 Seminar, led by Kerry Klingler, three time National J/80 champion! This is a comprehensive three day seminar focusing on sail trim, rig tuning, crew synergy, and tactics/strategy. Save this special date and bring your boat or just your self and crew.  We will start the event Friday night with a kick off dinner at Alan Simonini’s house with lots of J/80 talk to follow.  More talks and sailing to follow Saturday and through Sunday. Kerry is prepared to give us all his secrets, so make sure you are in attendance!


We will send out an agenda and registration soon regarding the event with prices for hotel accommodation and a fee for the event.


More good news: the Lake is up a foot and we have launched J/80’s with out a problem on our ramp, so bring your boat and stay a while! Lets all continue to work at building our fleet here in the South East!




Fleet 15 Newsletter: 12.12.07


Hello Fleet members! The below list of events are our J/80 racing schedule for the first part of the up coming 2008 season:




Hosted by:

January 1st

Ice Bucket Regatta


January 12th

 Icicle Series  #1


January 19th

 Icicle Series  #2


January 20th - 25th

Key West Race Week


February 9th

 Icicle Series  #3


February 23rd

 Icicle Series  #4


March 1st

 Icicle Series Make up date


March 8th & 9th

Keelboat Midwinter Regatta


March 29th

Top Gun Regatta


April 17th - 20th

Charleston Race Week


April 23rd

Wed. Night Series #1



With the lake level currently at 6.8 feet, we’re hoping January for more water in January, specifically for our Fleet #15 members from out of town. We only need about 6” to 7” to once again launch/load J/80s from the LNYC ramp. Once the level is back up it’ll be great to see these boats join us for the regattas listed above.


Kerry Klingler has confirmed his availability and is looking forward to our seminar scheduled for the weekend of April 4-5 & 6.  Be sure to sign up and bring your crew to this full weekend dedicated to improving your J/80 sailing skills. Sign up and event information will be provided at a later date.


I hope that by the time you receive this notice that several of your fellow J/80 Fleet 15   skippers have decided to adventure to Key West Race Week! Good luck and if you don’t see a fellow Fleet 15 member look for them at Charleston Race Weekend where we’ll surly see most of our friendly competitors. Your Fleet Captain is working on a launching arrangement for the Charleston event that should be much better than last year’s program. More to come later!


The Keelboat Mid Winters at LNYC will be our Spring Championship event. Hoping that J/80's trailing home from Key West would stop off here in route to the Charleston Regatta. Tell every J/80 you know about this event scheduled for March 8th and 9th!


Lets all continue to work at building our fleet here in the South East.  There are always a few good used J/80's around and the J Boat factory is up and producing J/80's again





Fleet 15 Newsletter: 12.05.07


News Flash! J/80 Fleet 15 is now official! Our fleet encompasses the states of North and South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. There are ten J/80's in North Carolina, two within South Carolina, one in Georgia and an additional boat located in Tennessee.


You can see that we have enjoyed fast growth on Lake Norman, NC with all boats purchased over the last year and a half.  We’ve had some excellent lake racing this past season and look forward to a building fleet roster. Most of you know that our original intentions were to host the North American’s here at Lake Norman, but unfortunately found just before the regatta our lake had dropped 6-1/2 feet which jeopardized our race course conditions. Fortunately, EYC in Annapolis hosted the event and did an excellent job putting this on.  With the new location in Annapolis, three of us from Fleet 15 traveled to compete in the event. Tough competition at the NA’s made it a fun event. While the race committee work was excellent, the starting lines were short! If you did not find the starting line in the front row, you had a very hard time crawling back to the front of the pack. Thirty three J/80's were in attendance from as far away as California and Texas. The best our traveling fleet members scored was 27th, 24th and a 16th overall.


So what did the three of the traveling teams learn?  We learned that we certainly need more tiller time coupled with additional coaching.  With that goal in mind we have invited Kerry Kinglier, three time National J/80 Champion to travel to Lake Norman for a weekend seminar!  The dates are Apr. 4-5&6, 2008.  The seminar will begin Friday night with comments and instruction from Kerry, hosted by Alan Simonini at his personal residence at 7 PM, followed with hot dogs and hamburgers.  Saturday morning will begin with instructions from Kerry regarding tuning the rig and sail adjustment. Moving into sailing by mid-morning, our lunch will feature more talk regarding sail trim and starting tactics. Afterwards we’ll get back out on the water Saturday afternoon. A party at LNYC will be Saturday night with additional commentary from Kerry. Sunday will feature fleet racing with talks depending on wind conditions. 


This really is an honor and great opportunity to take our sailing, and fleet competition to another level, so let’s all make sure we attend this event.  We will send more info regarding Kerry’s program and our next years racing schedule in a few weeks.